Bodog Poker Bonus

Bodog Poker is now offering players two bonuses when creating a new account. By using this link you can now receive a 100% match bonus PLUS an instant 10% cash offer on your first deposit. Combined that’s a 110% up to $550. The Bodog Poker bonus is cleared in two ways.

Bodog Referral Number

If you are asked for a referral number when signing up for Bodog, simply enter: 1653721 and you will receive all the bonuses listed on this page.

Bodog Poker Instant Cash Bonus

This is equivalent to 10% of your initial deposit and is deposited into your player account immediately for you to begin playing with. You will not be able to withdrawal this amount until you have earned the required amount of player points, which is very easy to do. Bodog Life Poker requires that the instant cash bonus be rolled over 3x the amount provided. If you receive $50 free than you will need to earn a minimum of 150 poker points before it’s cleared

BodogPoker’s 100% match bonus

This bonus works just like any other poker room bonus and is added to your player account in increments of $10. The bonus is cleared at the same rate as the 10% offer. This means if you receive the max bonus of $500 you will need to earn at least 5,000 poker points to clear it.

Seems like a lot? Not really. Bodog Poker is very generous in comp points. Players will receive up to 1 poker point for every $1 they contribute to rake in addition to 3 poker points for every $1 they pay in tournament fees. Once you have earned 2,000 points, Bodog will then double the amount of points you accumulate thereafter. The average Bodog Poker bonus is typically cleared within a few sessions. Players will have 30 days from the date of deposit to clear all bonuses prior to expiring.

Other Promotions

Bodog provides other promotions as well which are just as good if not better then what you will find in other rooms. The new cash back offer, which is said to be similar to a Bodog rakeback allows players to redeem their comp points for cash with no strings attached. Players will need a minimum of 2,000 points to redeem for $20 cash and if you have enough points kicking around you can receive up to $2500 back each month. As was mentioned this offer is similar to rakeback, but is not. It’s a new rewards program to give back to regular players. Fore more information about the poker room you can read our complete review of Bodog Poker