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Vanessa Selbst Gets Hitched

Early this year Vanessa Selbst had said, “I am also, incidentally, a lesbian, and a strong supporter of civil rights (LGBT and otherwise). I am engaged to my wonderful fiancee and will be married in August of this year in New York.” And last month the marriage was solemnized. Vanessa, who is a regular on Twitter, had Tweeted on August 21, “So excited to see all my friends getting into NYC 🙂 Mets vs. Braves today with Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle and others, wedding in three days!” The wedding took place at a rooftop venue in Brooklyn.

The poker community is one of the most open and accepting. Likes and dislikes are not based on personal sexual preferences. Last year, when Jason Sommerville hesitantly announced that he was gay, he received nothing but encouragement and warmth. Vanessa has said that she was never discriminated against for being gay. But she has faced discrimination for being a woman. There are many male poker players who do not want a woman at the table because it inhibits them from saying and doing certain things.

Selbst’s announcement of marriage was responded to with congratulatory messages. After the wedding Maria Ho said, “Had an amazing night celebrating the love of two of my favorite people!” She even Tweeted photographs of the event. Tiffany Michelle also had a string of Tweets. Members of the poker community who chose to participate in a tournament instead of attending the wedding were cursed with five years of bad luck.

One of her friends asked Vanessa if she would be playing at the EPT Barcelona. Many people mix business with pleasure, but Vanessa mixed business with honeymoon. She had some interesting anecdotes to recount. On the Delta flight to Barcelona, Vanessa received a lucky upgrade from the airline. When she informed them that she was on her honeymoon the airlines upgraded Miranda as well. For the romantic twosome tourists who want a quick look at Barcelona before settling down in their love nests, Vanessa recommends the abbreviated Vesping tour. She Tweeted, “Fully recommend as a great way to see the sights of Barcelona. Amazing helpful staff too!”

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