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Foxwoods Casino – Offensive Employee Causes $4.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

A group of women who flew to Vegas to celebrate their 40th birthdays together ended their weekend getaway with anger over the treatment they received from two casino dealers at Foxwood Casino Resorts.

On their second night at Foxwoods the nine women went to try their luck at the roulette table.The women were apparently winning at the game. During their game the two dealers were talking to each other in their native tongue which was Spanish. Unannounced to the dealers one of the women used to teach bilingual education and more than comprehended what the two men were saying about them. The women claim the men were making very rude and obbrasive comments.

According to the NY times a few of the derogatory comments made included;

“Great – we have a bunch of dumb broads that don’t know how to play,” one allegedly said. “That blonde in the corner believes her t-ts are going to get her places.”

They said one was a “dyke.”

“These c- – -s need a big d- – – to loosen them up and then maybe these hard-asses would tip better.”

The women eventually picked up their chips and cashed them in, then proceeded to complain to the pit boss. Eventually the discussion involved various casino managers who offered all nine women a pass into the high rollers lounge, free drinks, 2 additional hotel rooms … basically the works in terms of comp packages when something goes wrong, as well as dismissing the employee who was at fault.

The ladies accepted the comps from the managers and now, nearly a year after the incident first took place, have filed a lawsuit against the casino. According to reports they have suffered greatly with the words of the employee causing immense emotional damage and the dismissive attitude from the casino.

If you are anything like us you have probably already asked “Why did they accept the freebies if they felt they suffered so badly as a result of the casino employee?”

According to reports the women felt that the male managers didn’t quite grasp how badly they were offended and thought that buying them off with comps would be enough to keep them quiet.

What’s it going to cost? Well if the women do have a leg to stand on; Foxwoods Casino could be paying them an estimated $500,000 each.

Apparantly Foxwoods is owned by Pequot Indians, and claims in legal papers it is immune to lawsuits in state court, and any legal actions must be filed in a tribal court. Whether these women will even see a judge is really speculation at this point, but I do wonder why they would sit and continue to play if the comments made were that offensive. Wouldn’t you get up and leave..or would you continue to play than later file a complaint?

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