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Dreidles and Poker and Holiday Trickery

There is a new poker product launch out this holiday season that is targeted towards Jewish children who may think dreidles are just not cool in 2007. How about if it had a cool twist though… say poker?

No Limit Texas Dreidel

The new product called “No limit Texas Dreidel“. Check it out further at From their site:

Take Dreidel, combine it with poker, and you’ve got a new dreidel experience that is truly fun. You’ll check, bet, raise, or fold depending on the strength of your dreidel hand (or how much you like to bluff). Choose from the Standard Edition for 2-4 Players ($18), the Deluxe Edition for up to 8 Players ($27), and the “Party”: Deluxe Game + Two bags of Gelt (for 8 players) + 10 Temporary Tattoos ($49, a $56 dollar value).

Players bet in chocolate, not in real money. It is a very innovative tool that isn’t ashamed to admit poker has its benefits – both in advancing learning skills but also to integrate something old (tradition) with something cool (texas holdem).

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